Aviva Spray Tans Review

Aviva Spray Tans

Aviva Labs Products and Solutions way out-perform others out there with their Fake Tan and they have won multiple awards proving so. The Aviva Labs products is the best tan in Melbourne and it comes in a number of different solutions to suit every skin type and tone! And yes, they have over night solutions as well as the fast 1 to 4 hour Express tan solutions, which is also known as the 2 Hour Tan. Read the About Spray Tanning Section to find out more about their Solutions 🙂

Aviva spray tan

PLUS…*** BRAND NEW**** to the Aviva Labs Tanning Products and Solutions is the introduction of the FIRST EVER 30 MINUTE SPRAY TAN!!!

Yes… you read correctly – you can shower after 30minutes with these brand new solutions called ‘CITY TANS’ – Representing colours you would distinguish with people from MIAMI, LAS VEGAS & HOLLYWOOD!

30mins = light tan 60 mins = medium tan 90 mins = dark tan

Why a Spray Tan?

Is your skin tired? Want to add some zing into your step? Need to put on that dress but your legs are as white as a ghost or do you want to hide some imperfection in your skin tone?

Fake Tans can help cover unwanted visable defects such as scars, varicose veins, stretch marks and bruises.

Simply Beauty & Lashes is a home-based salon in Langwarrin (south of the Melbourne) that uses the Aviva Spray Tan

Simply Beauty & Lashes is a properly setup studio with the proper top of the line spray tanning machines and equipment. (not someone’s shower!). You can walk away one happy bronzed beauty after your visit!

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