SNS Nails



Simply Beauty & Lashes are now doing the new SNS Nails – Healthy Nail Dipping System

SNS Nails

Natural and healthy to your real nails. No odor, no liquid, no primer, no UV light, much thinner than other products, light weight, and more importantly, this excellence  quality product helps our clients’ nails grow out stronger and healthier by adding 5 different kind of Vitamins and Calcium.

SNS Nails  – Full range of wonderful colors to select GELous Soak-off Color Powder is the one and only Gel Polish product that is able to create the natural look of a French Color Tip and have multiple color designs with over 320 exceptional colors. GELous Soak-off Color Powder can be done on a real nail as Soak-off Manicure Gel or on SNS Natural Set with the choice of Half-moon (French Color Tip) or whole nail. GELous Soak-off Color Powder will last for more than 14 days with a mirror finish while having no damage to the nail bed, and it only requires 10 minutes to soak off in Acetone.

The multi-3 step SNS Nails process overlays directly onto the nail bed to create a long lasting nail with exceptional durability and shine. Because the application doesn’t use harsh chemicals, it eliminates the odors that are typically associated with acrylics and gels.

Applications can be customized for each client, with a wide variety of color, glitter and dipping powder available. The most popular dip nail sets are used for the appearance of a healthy nail, and a healthy pink and white look. To get the look of a healthy nail, a light pink set powder is used on the entire nail to create a natural, healthy appearance. To get the look of a healthy pink and white nail, the use of two powders are used to create a white nail tip with a pink nail bed base, simulating the look of a French Manicure.

GELous Soak-off Color Powder are Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP Free.

SNS NailsSNS NailsSNS Nails






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