Spray Tans


What should I do before my Spray tan?


Take a shower to wash off any dirt, sweat, make up, deodorant or moisturiser and allow the tanning product to be absorbed best by your skin.


What sort of clothes should I wear to my appointment?


Loose clothes are best. Avoid overly tight-fitting clothes.


What do I wear while I’m receiving my Spray tan?


It’s up to you. Some people prefer to be nude. Some wear underwear we have paper g-strings which are provided. Don’t be shy about your preference. Our staff have seen it all.


Who will apply my Spray tan?


An experienced and well-trained staff will consult with you about your skin type and needs and then apply your spray tan in a private booth with an advanced spray applicator.


How long does it take?


We ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment. If it’s your first time, you will need 5 minutes to fill out a quick questionnaire. The session takes 15 minutes from undressing, receiving the spray tan, drying off, ensuring you are completely satisfied, and getting dressed again.


Does the spray tan smell or have an odour?


Generally no, our tans are completely odourless. The active ingredients in the spray tans actually react with the pigments in your skin, and the same tan can actually smell different on different people.


What should I do after my tan?


We have a range of different tans which can be washed off between 30-90 min, your Sun Goddess will advise you which one you are having and when you should shower. Make sure you stay nice and cool and dry until you shower, no exercise and don’t get any water on you. Also don’t wear anything too tight during this time.


How can I make my tan last longer?

* Take a shower and ensure your skin is clean from moisturizer, make up, dirt and other substances prior to your spray tan session.
* Wear loose clothes (nothing too tight) to your appointment.
* Avoid showering for 1.5 hours after your session.
* Avoid strenuous activities, which may make you sweat for 6 hours after the session.
* Avoid scrubbing your skin too hard in the shower during the week after
* Keep your skin moisturized. Dry skin dries up and falls off as dead skin more quickly.


Will my skin be orange after the session?


No. This is a result of inexperienced or untrained tanners using poor products or poor equipment.


Simply Beauty & Lashes are a professional spray tan salon with trained staff, state of the art equipment and the finest products available. We do a full skin and tanning needs assessment prior to each appointment and tailor your spray tan to your personal needs.


If I have a big event coming up, when should I have my spray tan appointment?


You can book your tan any time within 4 days leading up to your event. Our new “Rapid Tan” technology even means that you can have a tan on the day of your event. You can have a tan and shower 1.5 hours later, and be looking fabulous for your big night!


I’m not sure a spray tan will be suitable for my type of skin.


We offer a highly-personal approach to spray tans by tailoring the tan to your skin type and needs. We can also spot test the spray tan on a patch of skin so you can be completely confident your tan will come out looking great!


Do many guys get spray tans?


Yes, lots of guys are getting spray tans these days. We believe you look fitter, healthier and more attractive with a tan.


Why should I choose Simply Beauty & Lashes tans?


We look after the finest details to ensure your tanning experience and result is perfect.


We do a full skin assessment and tailor the tanning session to your needs and skin type. Our staff are professional, well trained and experienced. Each staff member undergoes rigorous training, tanning models to perfect the art of tanning before working with clients. We use state of the art technology to apply the finest, fast-drying tanning products evenly and smoothly over your body.


The result is an experience you’ll enjoy as well as a perfect, natural-looking tan, which lasts.


What if I’m not happy with the result?


We offer a satisfaction guarantee for all our tanning services. If you are unhappy with the result please contact us with your concerns. We will fix any problems or your next tan free!

There’s a reason why millions of clients are sprayed each year with Aviva Labs products and why so many of them have such great things to say about their Aviva spray tan. Our spray tans have unique features that benefit our clients’ businesses.


Simply Beauty & Lashes use Aviva Labs Natural Spray Tans as our tanning product they are :

1 Doctor formulated.
2 Natural-looking and long lasting.
3 Even fading.
4 Oil-free.
5 Fragrance-free.
6 Alcohol-free.
7 Erythrulose-free.
8 Only made with FDA approved Ingredients.
9 All natural.
10 Composed of Eco Certified DHA (the European equivalent of U.S. organic standards).

11 Water-based.
12 Fast-drying.
13 Vegan.
14 Not tested on Animals.
15 Free of harsh dyes and chemicals.
16 Nut-free and allergen-free.
17 Non-comedogenic
18 Always fresh and come with a 6 month shelf-life guarantee.
19 Hypoallergenic.
20 Formulated with long term health in mind.

Spray Tans


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